Aerospace and Defence

Engineered solutions to: Protect, transport and store your aerospace and defence products

Safety within the aerospace industry is of utmost importance. Their need for packaging varies to other industries due to the often dangerous and high value of the parts that need packaging and protection.

Our MPAS trained expert team design team, engineer packaging solutions utilising the most suitable materials and systems. With over 25 years’ experience they understand the challenges of this supply chain and know that it is vital to have a system in place that will be both reliable and cost effective.

Engineered solutions

We design engineered packaging solutions for each of your projects utilising the most suitable materials and systems, to protect, transport and store your aerospace and defence products.

Bespoke design without limits

Kite’s design team have the experience and knowledge to develop the most suitable packaging for each project without any limitations on materials or packing processes, with expertise in product design, engineering & manufacturing creating a more rounded solution.

Development & testing

A key part of Kite’s process is prototyping & testing pack designs. This can be done to ISTA standards or bespoke test schedules can be created to suit specific requirements.

Added value

We can produce complete concept designs, packaging instruction visuals and spread sheet based pack inventories

Collaborative innovation

Kite’s design team works in closes contact with customers to develop the best solution. Kite project manages the whole process from initial meeting to completion.

Pack reviews and re-design

Review of existing pack design to assess performance, functionality and economy. Use of new materials and design innovations

VAVE – Value analysis & value engineering

Using VAVE methods and processes to drive down overall packaging costs


We primarily use Solidworks software to enhance design and engineering processes. This enables us to develop packaging concepts purely from 3D product data and speeds up the development process

Bespoke designs

Pack reviews and 3D CAD

Design using: