In-the-box solutions

Our dedicated in-box solutions team works in close partnership with our customers to support them in finding savings through automation and increasing pack velocity.

Our in-box solutions division is a team of packaging experts with a specific focus on sourcing innovative packaging ideas and solutions for new and existing customers. We will guide you through each step of the process, providing tailored solutions most suited to your operation.

In-The-Box Solutions

Team of packaging engineers

On site pack cost analysis
Time and motion studies
Supply chain cost analysis

Testing lab / showroom

R&D, testing and pack development
Prototype testing
Demonstrations with your product

Independent testing

UN certification
DEF standard
ISTA testing

Independent testing

ISTA & product testing

Product testing to the ISTA standard
Once confirmed a certificate is then issued
We work in close partnership with Smithers Pira and Sealed Air

UN certification

Under UN certification – a universal/international system created by the United Nations in order to transport items safely by road, rail, sea and air, through correct classification, packaging, marking and labelling of dangerous goods, our expert design and manage the testing for organisations from start to finish
We test the packaging to ensure items such as dangerous hazardous substances are secure e.g. Lithuanian batteries
Drop testing / strength testing