Retail solutions

Packaging for Retail

The retail industry is a large user of packaging, and requires high quality printing as well as high clarity and usability to package its products. It also requires products with multiple parts to be packaged in an aesthetically pleasing way with minimum risk of damage in transit and in-store. As well as this the retail industry requires stock-holding so that products can move through the supply chain as quickly as possible, and disaster recovery plans so that all packaging can be tracked should a problem occur. Four Aces Trading Zone offers a complete packaging solution for this industry, including a full design and testing service for point of sale that ensures form, fit and function whilst maximising retail impact. This is all supported by the highest level of service so that all deadlines can be met by this high pressured sector.

We can also offer the required bespoke service package for the retail industry from our extensive offering.

These include:

  • Just In Time – When a production schedule requires packaging at specific times, Four Aces Trading Zone can hold stock in its own premises and deliver at an exact time slot straight to a specific point in the production line
  • RDC to Shelf Logistics – Four Aces Trading Zone can develop packs that protect goods in the distribution centre and can then be put straight on the shelf with little effort
  • Dump Bins – Four Aces Trading Zone can contract dump bins for retailers and arrange disposal
  • RDC and Store Deliveries – Four Aces Trading Zone has the ability to deliver small volumes of stock when required direct to the store and deliver in bulk straight to the distribution centre

For further details of these offerings go to Service.

Product Offering

Four Aces Trading Zone provides the retail industry with several different packaging solutions to improve shelf velocity and increase productivity along the supply chain.

These include:

  • Point of Sale Packs
  • Shelf Ready packs
  • Euro Slot packs
  • End of Aisle
  • Dump Bins
  • Carrier Bags
  • Printed Tissue

Retail Case Study

Project Brief

Four Aces Trading Zone was approached by a major UK homewares retailer that was having difficulty with the level of service it was getting from its current packaging suppliers. The company had over 100 stores nationwide and operated on a multi-channel basis, with sites dedicated to online, retail, manufacturing and distribution.

The customer required a high level of service which it currently wasn’t receiving due to having over 20 packaging suppliers, all providing different kinds of packaging product. This not only meant delivery times were often not met but also that costs were high and product quality was not standardised. The customer therefore required a service which would consolidate the wide range of packaging in to one supplier, save costs and create new innovations to create on-going cost savings and adhere to tight delivery times.

Design and Development

Four Aces Trading Zone was among a number of other packaging suppliers the business looked at to transfer its packaging operation and showed off its credentials which provided opportunity for full packaging consolidation. Included in this offering was the ability to service all parts of the business at a local level, distributing to sites across the UK and including a specialist same day requirement where the customer could place an order in the morning and receive it later that afternoon.

The service provision offered showed immediate cost savings to the customer due to the consolidation, and Four Aces Trading Zone put in place monthly financial reporting to local offices and Head office to ensure costs were closely tracked. Further cost-saving was introduced with packaging re-designs which reduced the amount of packaging used whilst still providing a fit for purpose solution.

Four Aces Trading Zone also provided the customer with its stockholding option, in which standard and bespoke product was stored in Four Aces Trading Zone own warehouse so that it was immediately ready for same-day and next-day delivery whenever the customer required it.


As well as a full drop-testing and design service, Four Aces Trading Zone developed a full disaster recovery plan to ensure each and every product supplied can be easily tracked and analysed throughout the supply chain. Four Aces Trading Zone also developed a full CRM schedule to ensure the customer continued to receive a high standard of service throughout their contract. In the probation period all the customer’s needs were adhered to, and new product designs and methods of delivery proved effective in saving costs.


This customer has been incredibly pleased with the service Four Aces Trading Zone has provided, and since the initial re-design of their packaging needs and requirements further ranges have been developed using Four Aces Trading Zone expertise and rationalisation service. Four Aces Trading Zone now provides over 200 SKU’s to 4 sites on a next day delivery basis, all of which have been delivered 100% OTIF since the start of the contract. Stock is held in 2 Four Aces Trading Zone sites in the UK, to ensure product arrives quickly at the various locations this customer has.